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What does the cost of the site depend on?

                  Pricing sites on the Internet can be confusing for those who have not previously worked in this area and are unfamiliar with web development.

If you have decided to use the Internet to promote your business, you will be interested in what is included in the cost of creating a website and what factors affect this cost.

This is important because we are talking about our own accumulated funds, which must be invested in order to bring constant profit in the future.

In this article, we will try to highlight the most important factors that affect the cost, not only for website creation.


In order for visitors to be able to view your site, you need to register a domain name – the name that is typed in the browser line.

The availability of each site on the Internet is ensured by placing it on a remote server – hosting. The performance of the entire site depends on it.

In our blog, you can learn more about how to choose a domain name and hosting for a website and how much money you need.

And now about the factors that affect the cost of creating your project.


Filling pages with certain content (content).
These are goods and services, texts, images, videos, banners, graphic icons, WOW effects and much more.

If the Landing page has one page, then the Corporate site can contain up to 50 or more.

The more content you need, the more cost.

Another feature that will significantly reduce the cost of creating a website is the provision of ready-made content by the client – ready-made unique texts and optimized images.

In our web studio EnergyStars there are enough specialists to take care of all the issues related to the uniqueness of texts and the selection of images for your project.


The site’s functionality is all of its options and tools that help users to solve certain tasks. Ultimately, they lead users to the targeted action – to buy a product, order a service, subscribe to a newsletter, and much more.

The functionality of the site allows you to expand and supplement the content, as it has no restrictions on the amount of information. At the same time, the site should be simple and convenient, understandable and modern, but not overloaded.

The functionality of the sites includes:

– Menu and Sidebar
– Gallery, Slider, Banner, Accordion, Tabs
– Call-to-action buttons ‘Buy’, ‘Order’, ‘Subscribe’
– Feedback forms
– Newsletter subscriptions
– Time counters until the end of Promotions
– Buttons ‘Order a call’ or ‘Get a free consultation’
– Block Reviews
– Social media icons
– Chat with an online consultant
– Mail connection
– Calculator and Calendar
– Forum, Polls and Quizzes
– Block Question-Answer
– Visitor’s personal account
– Map with campaign location and much more …

For example, in an online store, additional functionality is: filtering products by categories, brands, sizes, colors, connecting credit card payments, and so on …

Advanced functionality that also affects the cost is:

1) Additional language of the site.
The translation is inserted manually into all elements of the site or through the WPML plugin, where the translation can be done automatically.

2) Integration of groups of social networks.
Allows you to post widgets of groups of social networks Instagram, Vkontakte, Facebook.

3) Connection of payment by credit cards.
The function allows you to make online payments on the site using a credit card through (at choice Privat24, LiqPay).

4) Spam protection
5) Backup
6) Website optimization
7) Selection of keywords for the site (creation of a semantic core)
8) Entering meta information on the site.
9) Installing SEO plugins for website promotion in search engines.

It is important to consider that the functionality of the site must be necessary for your visitors.

If, during analytics, you notice that visitors rarely use some functionality, then it is more expedient to remove it so as not to overload the site with unnecessary functions. It should be simple, convenient, understandable and modern, but not overloaded!


The cost will be more expensive if a professional web designer first creates a layout (prototype) of a future project.

Further, according to the approved prototype and terms of reference, he will make a design, taking into account the specifics of your business.

Then the encoder makes up the ‘animate’ (digitizes) the design so that the picture becomes dynamic. This is not a quick process.

The cost will be lower if you use a ready-made design solution with ready-made functionality, created with modern tools, for example, in Elementor.

Then it remains only to fill the site with your own content, add your corporate styles, the necessary functionality. This option can significantly reduce the cost and shorten the process of creating a website.

In any case, your site will be modern and unique.

For WordPress and Elementor, you can buy a modern, ready-made design solution (template) created by world-class professional designers and web developers on special exchanges, such as:

1) Themeforest
2) TemplateMonster
3) Elementor 
4) You can also visit our Catalog of free design solutions for the popular Astra theme.

Tell us your ideas and we will select for you several ready-made design solutions for your business. Your site will be modern, unique, creative and different from others! 


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By ordering a website in our EnergyStars web studio
you have the opportunity from the first to the last day not only to see how your site is born and shaped, but also to take an active part, make changes and make your wishes.


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What does the cost of the site depend on?

                  Pricing sites on the Internet can be confusing for those who have not previously worked in this area and are unfamiliar with web development. If you have decided to use the Internet to promote your business, you will be interested in what is included in the

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