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How to improve website performance.

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          The site should justify the investment in it, sell and bring profit.In order for visitors to take targeted action – to buy goods or order a service, it is necessary to use the right elements in the design.

In this article briefly – about the necessary elements, namely the design of the site.

But first, a little about the concept of “conversion.

Conversion – the percentage of visitors to the site, completed the target action (buy, subscribe, call, etc.).

The formula for calculation: the number of actions divided by the total number of visitors to the site. The indicator determines how effectively the site performs its tasks and justifies the investment.

Analytics tools, such as Google Analytics, are used to calculate this. Set the counters on the site and select the necessary goals. For example: the duration of the visit, the depth of view, the steps that the user makes to complete the target action.

And a little more about the popular marketing scheme AIDA, which is more than 120 years old and is still successfully used to create ads.

Attention — Interest — Desire — Action
Внимание — Интерес– Желание — Действие

Attract attention (the first 3 seconds) – a whole art, there are many ways, but mostly it’s catchy title, color, sound, “live” dynamic element.

For example, if the attention of caused the title, the interest (up to 10 seconds) will cause the first paragraph, ie, SPT (on it below).

And if the visitor did not have the thought – “This is what I’ve been looking for!”, he will leave without “interest” and he did not have a desire.

To create a desire, at this stage you just need to show the visitor all the benefits of your product and the benefits for him.

And to turn desire into action, you need a call to action, which will encourage the visitor to make a purchase, order a service, call, etc.

Conclusion: the scheme of AIDA worked, and conversion went up :))

There is also an advanced version of AIDA – this is AIDAS.
S (Satisfy) means satisfaction. Customer satisfaction with the purchase. For example, a customer bought a product from you, but it turned out to be defective. This means that the AIDA scheme worked, but the AIDAS scheme did not.

Design Elements.


1. Unique selling proposition.

The USP is your unique distinction from other companies – competitors, by which the client can distinguish you from others and exclaim: “Super! This is what I’ve been looking for! That’s the offer!”

To attract and retain customers, and consequently increase the conversion rate of the site, USP should:

  • be focused on the target audience;
  • be unique, ie unlike their competitors USP;
  • be brief, contain specifics and numbers;
  • emphasize the most important benefits for the visitor;
  • evoke emotions in visitors.

When a visitor opens your site, the first question he or she has to ask is:

  • What can I find useful for myself here?
  • How are you different from other companies – your competitors?

And if in a matter of seconds a potential client realizes that you have:

  • high quality;
  • great service;
  • individual approach;
  • flexible conditions;
  • warranty;
  • portfolio of works, reviews that inspire confidence in clients;
  • yes, there are also bonuses, discounts, promotions and gifts – he will buy your product or order a service.

It is also important to remember not to:

  • use highly specialized terminology;
  • mention your competitors in your unique selling proposition;
  • understate the value of any profession;
  • promise what you won’t do, i.e. tell untruths.

2. Site design

From the first seconds, the visitor understands whether he likes the site or not. The attractiveness of the site is precisely what the design gives.

What is important for the visual perception of the site?

  • Beautiful appearance.
  • Aesthetic and modern design.
  • Easy and convenient to use it.
  • Comprehensibility and specificity.
  • Consistency and consistency.

To increase the likelihood of a purchase, it is necessary that the visitor, while on your site, experiences:

  • positive emotions;
  • felt comfortable, at ease and safe.

There are many design elements that can help you retain the attention of your customers, here are some of them:


YouTube has always been to help us, but a cool video with a call to action or additional information about a product or service, shot independently, will help you evoke emotions in the visitor.

Parallax scrolling

This modern effect, with simple scrolling, makes the site attractive and interesting.It grabs attention very well, being in priority over other blocks of content.

Calls to action

All sites should contain a call to action that will directly nudge the client to do what you need to do.

This is a simple but very effective psychological incentive for a client to buy, order, call or consult.

And adding a little bit of animation to elements such as buttons and banners can have a great effect.

The visitor is more likely to take the desired action if the element is interactive.

Unique texts and typography

The texts posted on the site must meet all the criteria for well-optimized content.

They should be easy to read, unique, concise, which “without water” describe your products, services or competitive advantages as clearly as possible.

In turn, fonts greatly affect the perception of information, and can both attract the attention of the visitor and scare him away, forcing him to close the site.

Some businesses use custom and sometimes custom fonts to draw attention to important content.

Unique typography will improve the perception of the text, make it more attractive, and even more – it will make your company style memorable.

3. Accents

Bright details in the right places will always grab the attention of the site visitor. The choice of accents always depends on what kind of information you want to convey to your potential client.

For example:

  • Animation
    Animated arrow leading to the Buy button or bright pulsing phones will help make an important part of the page more visible.
  • Sizes of fonts
    Using different font sizes, you can add accents to all the content on the site.
  • Colour contrast
    Color contrast affects emotions and can help focus attention on some important detail.
  • Illustrations
    Illustrations that can play the role of amusing decorative elements, or they can carry a semantic load.
  • 3D images
    These three-dimensional graphics are actively used in website design and serve to highlight important points.
  • Pop-ups
    These are elements that suddenly “pop up” without the user’s request to grab the visitor’s attention, showing him important information. This can be a promotion, a discount on a purchase, a subscription to a newsletter, a call order, or filling out an application.

    This is not the whole list of accents that can be placed on the site, the main thing is not to overdo it.

4. Comparisons

Comparative before-and-after photographs are a good example and have a significant impact on clients.

It is usually used on pages that offer some kind of service. For example, in cosmetology, where the appearance of the result is important.

5. Limited offer

This powerful technique is often used to promote products and services more successfully. For example, a timer with a countdown until the end of the promotion motivates the client to place an order as soon as possible.

6. Bonuses

An added bonus is a good way to convince a person to take a targeted action. Free consultation upon subscription, a gift upon purchase – these techniques allow you to attract interested potential customers.

Summing up, we can conclude that today there is a wide variety of elements in the design to increase its efficiency, i.e. Conversions.

But in everything you should observe the measure: an overloaded design or an overly flashy page can frighten off a potential client.

Many visitors dislike:

  • bad (boring) design;
  • long overloaded text;
  • small font;
  • poor quality images;
  • lack of navigation aids;
  • slow loading;
  • constantly pop-up ads;
  • Poor search tools or none at all, and so on….
!!! The visitor’s impression of your site directly affects their impression of your product or service.



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