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What does the cost of the site depend on?

                  Pricing sites on the Internet can be confusing for those who have not previously worked in this area and are unfamiliar with web development. If you have decided to use the Internet to promote your business, you will be interested in

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Photo redesign sites

What is a website redesign?

1. What is a website redesign? In today’s world, the development of technology is growing rapidly, so sites without changes become obsolete. To avoid this happening, you must constantly: monitor current trends in design; improve the structure of the site; change and add content (text, video, images, banners, etc.); use

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How to improve website performance.

            The site should justify the investment in it, sell and bring profit.In order for visitors to take targeted action – to buy goods or order a service, it is necessary to use the right elements in the design. In this article briefly – about

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Photo What is Brief for?

What is BRIF and why is it needed.

What is a Brief? Brief is a document-guideline for clearer definition of goals and tasks, facing the development of the future site.  Filling in the brief will help to quickly determine prices and terms of the future project and eliminate misunderstanding between the customer and the contractor. Briefs are not

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Additional services.

  • Adding products.

We will help you fill your site with goods. (photo, description, specifications, tags, categories). Composite product. Variable product. Filtering products by color, size, brand, value. Design of a card for one product or service. Catalog design. Contractual cost.

  • Selection and addition; images; video; banners; animation.

For your website, we will select high-quality images on free stock services and carry out their optimization. We will arrange sliders, parallax scrolling, video and photo galleries, pop-ups, and much more on your website. Contractual cost.

  • Translation of the site into another language.

We translate your website into other languages ​​manually or with the leading WPML translation plugin. Contractual cost.

  • Webmaster work

Our technical specialist will fix problems on your site and help improve its functionality. The cost is negotiable. 

We can offer you even more …

You can contact us if you need: Website optimization SEO promotion Google analytics